Change Management

A new cost-focused and change-oriented mentality

Franz Bodlos, who has been working in the retail industry for more than 25 years, describes the mood in retail in the 1990s to the early 2000s as “pioneering and conquering mood” and the current situation as cost-focused and change-oriented.

Entrepreneurs who do not adjust their costs (especially at the POS) to the competition have no way of keeping up with the price aggressiveness (deflation on product groups) of the competition.

Pioneering and conquering mood

Pioneering and conquering mood

Changes are critical for process optimization

Process optimisation in the retail sector involves comprehensive changes in the organisation that affect all employees. It is all too easy for teams to get the impression that staff will be cut as a result of the changes (e.g. elimination of redundant processes, reduction of hours, etc.). Professional change management as an accompaniment to process optimisation is therefore not a nice-to-have, but essential to ensure success.

The value contribution of change management is critical to success in process optimisation.
The right communication, pacing and the use of project promoters are the basis for the implementation of the project.

“What remains is change; 
what changes remains.”

(Michael Richter)