Process Management

Personnel can be expensive if work processes are not optimal

The largest cost factor in the budget is personnel costs. 

The efficient use of personnel, including an adequate distribution of target hours based on the work to be done, is on the one hand the economic prerequisite for the existence of a branch operation and on the other hand the basis for the motivation of the employees to implement operational excellence at the POS (Point of Sale).

At Bodlos Consulting, we can help you optimize your process management at the Point of Sale.

Measurement of current process runtimes at the POS

With the help of specially developed methods and instruments, our procedure provides the possibility to define the individual work processes at the POS and to record them in time. In order to obtain valid results, it is necessary to deal intensively with the processes in the stores. For this purpose, process runtimes are measured in order to gain a precise understanding of the time drivers.

Measured runtimes are analysed internally and externally

The basis for this is a detailed survey of the work steps in a shop in order to define and delimit them precisely. The measured times per defined work step are analysed internally (to other branches within the company) and externally (to comparable companies). Based on the transparent work steps, potentials are determined, new standards are set and implemented in the set of rules.

Finding of potential improvements and implementation

A calculation tool creates the number of hours at the weekly level based on planned weekly turnover and the times of the evaluated work steps.

"Not a day shall go by without some improvement in the company"