Organisation Structure

Is your organisation optimally positioned and best trained to meet the current challenges?

Are your products offered in the best possible way?

We support you with our know-how and experience in these and other questions in the area of internal organisation and sales.

Our consulting services are always specifically tailored to your company and your needs, because every company is individual.

Our approach is simple, effective and efficient:


The existing situation is analysed, because this is the only way to identify potentials and opportunities.


A possible target situation is designed together with you. Each solution is tailored to your company, because only you know which measures fit your company.


The aim of implementation is to empower your team to implement the results in the long term, as this is the only way to ensure that the results can be anchored in your company.

Example in the Trade area

“Trade is change” – is a well-known saying! Not only the products and services in retail are subject to constant change, but also the processes and structures must adapt to changing situations in order to remain competitive.

An effective sales structure is essential as a link between the stores and the headquarters: the sales structure provides the stores with clarity in the processes and guidelines, further development of the POS, development of the store staff, instructions for action to ensure the achievement of key figures.
For the headquarters, the sales structure provides a picture of the mood in the stores, impulses for necessary further developments as well as solutions to ensure the achievement of the key performance indicators.

An effective sales structure is precisely tailored to your company. In joint workshops, the optimal sales structure for your company is designed and then implemented.

  • Analysis of the existing sales structure
  • Design of an optimal sales structure, individually tailored to your company
  • Recruiting support
  • Development of onboarding measures (induction, training)
  • Coaching of the new sales team in the first months

A major factor influencing the customer’s decision to buy is the optimal placement of the products in the store, because what is not seen is not bought.

Two factors are decisive here:

  • Correct placement of product groups in the store and the selection of products in the product group.
  • Marketing at the POS as well as the correct placement and selection of advertising materials.
  • On-site analysis of the stores
  • Presentation of potentials
  • Preparation of training materials
  • Coaching of the sales team in the implementation of the measures
“Details create the big picture.”

(Sanford I. Weill)