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Franz Bodlos, MBA

Managing Director/CEO

Life motto: Family, friends, sport and awareness!

Anna Magnet, MSc

Project Manager

Anna Magnet, BSc has been a junior project manager at Bodlos Consulting since 2017. With a wealth of experience in project, process and change management, she has made significant contributions to the successful completion of projects, including those for renowned clients such as K&Ö and Gigasport. At the same time, Anna Magnet is pursuing her Master’s degree in Business Administration and Business Education at the University of Graz.

Her professional specialisations range from corporate management and entrepreneurship with a focus on strategy development, organisation and corporate policy, as well as leadership & business models, to operations research with quantitative optimisation of business processes, especially in production and logistics, to financial reporting with comprehensive knowledge of reporting, methods, instruments and techniques of balance sheet and business report analysis.

Selina Katholnig, MSc

Project Manager

Selina Katholnig, BSc is a junior project manager at Bodlos Consulting. She has already gained a lot of experience within various projects in the field of project management, organisational optimisation, strategy development, as well as in the course of several employer branding projects. At the same time, Selina is an inquisitive Master’s student of Business Education at the University of Graz.

Her professional specialisations include HR policy and leadership, with a focus on strategic and international HR management, labour law aspects of HR policy and labour relations, as well as optimisation through HR development and employer branding.

In addition, her expertise lies in the field of organisation and project management, including the optimisation of organisational design and business processes as well as the precise process planning and monitoring of projects.

Jenny Zechner


Jenny Zechner joined the Bodlos Consulting sales team in 2022. Her outstanding communication skills and impressive negotiating abilities are key factors in the company’s success.


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